As the owner of Parlour Nails i have been in the industry for over two decades providing professional beauty services for Parramatta working at another establishment. I have always dreamed of opening my own Nail Salon in the heart of Parramatta and in August 2020 I finally made the jump and opened my own Salon. I hope to continue providing my Professional Services for years to come as I grow my business. Thank you to all those who have helped get me where I am today!



I’ve always loved the art side of nail design, it’s a passion to have and not every nail technician desires to have amazing outcomes each time on clients nails but to me every nail is like a blank canvas where I can create my next work of art. You can imagine those who paint pictures who are artists are really not much different to a nail artist, it takes great patience and precision to draw art on objects that move like fingers, its that challenge that makes even more fun. I always wanted to open my own Nail Salon and be in control of the designs and let my talent get stronger.